A Walk Through Time

How many days in a year? Your answer might change depending on when you lived. Over the course of human history, the year has been measured as 260 days, 354 and 365 day in various calendars. Days have been divided into ten parts of two hours in length plus two twilight perids. Time was measured by the appearance of stars, by the rate of flow of water and of sand, by the swing of a pendulum, by the shrinking and expanding of the mineral quartz and by the natural motion of atoms.

Are you a fan of words? Do you know what an obelisk, a "merkhet," or a"clepsydras" is?

The attached booklet, "A Walk Through Time" is a wonderful narrative of the development of time measurments over the entire course of human history. The curious reader will enjoy the brief read. The competitive reader will know stuff other people never heard of. The booklet was put together by the U.S. Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology. It is brought to you as a public service by Michigan Property Consultants L.L.C. Impress your friends and maybe even your children by quoting from A Walk Through Time

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