Use Michigan's property tax incentives to your advantage

If you are considering how to best use property tax capturing and tax incentive programs, we can help. After all, the sixteen most commonly used laws can be extremely intimidating.

      Joseph M. Turner, the CEO of Michigan Property Consultants has worked with property tax laws for forty years. He has been certified as an expert witness in matters of property taxation in both Michigan's District and Circuit Courts. For almost a decade, he has taught courses on the use of tax incentives and tax capturing authorities. The courses are used by assessors seeking to renew state certification or obtain a new certification. Mr. Turner has been invited to lecture on these topics at colleges and universities and he's been retained to teach courses on property taxation and economic development by private corporations.

Those skills are offered through Michigan Property Consultants (in some surprisingly inexpensive ways) for use by any government unit. As a matter of fact, Michigan Property Consultants welcomes the opportunity to service small communities that might not have a paid staff available to administer this special area of practice.

     Service Options available to units of government include:

Let us help reduce the unknown and strengthen your business acumen. After all, struggling with these darned laws already turned our hair grey. It makes no sense to have both of us suffering the same fate.

      Here is some very basic information that may offer insight into our area of specialty.

      There are two general categories of assistance a community can offer: laws that reduce the tax burden for its citizens and businesses, or laws that capture taxes and use them for public works. Among the sixteen laws mentioned earlier, there are some which focus on residential properties, some which focus on commercial and industrial properties and some that focus on finding ways to pay for public improvements. Laws which reduce a tax burden are relatively shortlived (1 to 15 years). Laws funding public projects are long lived - sometimes more than 30 years. To use these laws, one must understand the interplay between ad valorem properties and what are known as "specific taxes." This involves understanding legally mandated changes in the taxable value of a property or properties and legally mandated diversions from normally applied millage rates. Of importance too, is the ability of certain taxing authorities to opt out of tax capturing programs and prohibitions against certain tax captures. For example, a TIFA may only capture 4 of the available "specific tax" levies. A Brownfield may capture more. TIFAs can capture more types of millage rate levies than an LDFA can. Sometimes it gets really confusing when a tax capturing authority captures taxes from a geographic area in which there are Act 197 or Act 255 abatements and a pre-existing tax capture program. Michigan Property Consultants can sort these things out and recommend a tax incentive strategy that not only meets your goals, but one that you may be able to administer with your own staff as opposed to paying annual fees to others.

     Michigan Property Consultants is a small firm, proud of its mid-western work ethic and service. We want to provide our clients with the benefits of professional, personal service founded on years of experience in matters of property taxation. We don?t sell real estate, we don?t appraise real estate, we are not lawyers and we don?t do income taxes. We do focus on matters of real property taxation and special assessment administration within the state of Michigan ... to such an extent that our CEO has been selected for many years to Chair a property tax appeal board, to teach assessment classes and to serve on various advisory committees. His written work has been published in many forums and has been honored by his peers

     These are challenging times for Michigan's communities. We have helped others, we may be able to help you. Simple presentations to your staff describing various property tax incentives that could improve your community begin at only Five Hundred Dollars. Let us help carry some of your burdens.

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