Confusing property tax forms?

Special assessment apportionments are our specialty

Michigan Property Consultants provides two basic services

      1. We help government units establish an apportionment methodology that will minimize conflict and maximize fairness
      2. We help the citizen who has been unfairly assessed seek justice

     Michigan Property Consultants brings to the table forty years of experience in the apportionment of special assessments

      If you represent an entity contemplating the levying of a special assessment tax, Michigan property consultants will develop methodologies to determine the "Service District" for your public improvement and properties to be placed within the "Special Assessment District". This process is designed to comply with the Michigan Supreme Court's rulings in Kadzban and Dixon Road as well as other aspects of Michigan's well esablished body of case law.

      This company regards the imposition of a special assessment tax burden as a complex process with the potential for taxpayer abuse. In situations, where irregularities have been noted, and Michigan Property Consultants has been retained for assistance, the first goal is to resolve differences in a way that will minimize costs to both taxpayers and government units. This reconciliative approach, can lead to dispute resolution if instituted early enough in the special assessment process.

This company does not routinely engage in litigation of taxpayer issues. It also always strives to resolve disputes without litigation.

      However, situations arise from time-to-time, where taxpayer rights appear to have been violated by improper apportionments or for other reasons. In circumstances where a government unit is unresponsive to legitimate requests for a "just" levy; Michigan Property Consultants is pleased to assist taxpayers. Taxpayers must deal with federal and state law presumes appropriate behavior on the part of entities charged with levying special assessments. Therefore, because the harm to a taxpayer can be so great, so long term and because there is such a short window during which one can recognize an irregularity and appeal; Michigan Property Consultants makes itself available to aggressively defend taxpayer rights.

     If you are uncertain of what to do, why not call Michigan Property Consultants for advice? Our teleconference is cheaper than your cable or telephone or satellite bill and you could save hundreds of dollars. Our professional advice can often lessen, and even take away, the confusion and anger associated with tax notices. Calling may provide you some peace of mind. Your health is important too.

     Some callers simply want to know more. If you just want to learn a little about Michigan?s property tax system, procedures and tax breaks, call us. Let us help reduce the unknown and strengthen your business acumen.

     Michigan Property Consultants is a small firm, proud of its mid-western work ethic and service. We want to provide our clients with the benefits of professional, personal service based on almost 40 years of experience in matters of property taxation. We don?t sell real estate, we don?t appraise real estate, we are not lawyers and we don?t do income taxes. We do focus on matters of real property taxation and special assessment administration within the state of Michigan. Our CEO has served for many years as Chairman of a property tax appeal board and teaches classes used for state assessor certification. His written work has been honored by his peers. Our goal is to provide information that will enable our clients to make informed decisions as to whether or not an appeal is warranted and if one is, guidance on how to work with the local assessor and officials to correct any inequities. Such a solution saves everyone time and money.

      Except for special assessment appeals, we do not become involved in litigation. We do have working relationships with professionals in law and brokerage and would be happy to recommend several firms for your consideration.

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