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City Tax only - $100,000 Home Annual Millage Rates
Community Tax Community Millage Rate
Bay City 1,070 Bay City 21.4000
Flint 805 Flint 16.1000
Frankenmuth 580 Frankenmuth 11.6000
Midland 600 Midland 12.0000
Saginaw 427 Saginaw 8.5343
The Two Points of View:

"What, so you want to raise my taxes AGAIN...That's Bull!" L. Davidson, July 2002

"I think in the long run, the cap here will be lifted. There are a lot of people who know you can't run a city on nothing." C. Kinch, July 2002

Comparison of Costs per Employee: Fire, Police and for All Employees

Costs per Employee

Community FIRE POLICE Total Budget
Saginaw Twp. $188,469 $100,064 $224,212
City of Frankenmuth $237,238 $86,712 $193,845
City of Midland $79,388 $83,618 $185,801
City of Saginaw $108,171 $91,518 $181,917
Buena Vista Twp. $72,284 $78,100 $73,448

These organizations have endorsed a YES vote to lift the tax caps:

Saginaw County Chamber of Commerce
Saginaw County Democratic Party
Saginaw African American Minority Business Association
Saginaw County Board of Commissioners
Saginaw County Branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
Saginaw County Crime Prevention Program
The Saginaw News
Saginaw Education Association
Local 466-M Service Employees International Union
Saginaw Labor Council
CAP Council
Saginaw Fire Fighters Local 102
AFSCME Council 25
Saginaw Police Officers Association
Command Officers Association
Northeast Ministerial Alliance
COGIC Ministerial Alliance
Saginaw Interdenominational Ministry
Saginaw Community Foundation
Saginaw Community Action Committee
Daughters of Charity

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