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Michigan Property Consultants is conducting an eight-question survey of buyers and sellers of real estate. Because the survey is now at about the half way point in needed responses, if you would like to ensure that your opinion is included please click on the link in this paragraph.The intention is to clarify the preferences of buyers and sellers experienced in property transactions, to publish the results and shared them in classroom settings. This survey does not require any sensitive or personal information and can be completed very quickly. This is the link to the SURVEY

New 2107 Taxpayers Guide by Michigan Legislature Click here

Special assessments and other articles by this company's employees Click Here

  • Agricultural Property Exemption. State Tax Commission Guidelines
  • Boards of Review: How they work. Guidelines by the State Tax Commission
  • Comprehensive Taxpayers Guide
  • Michigan's Constitution and Compiled Laws
  • Curious about Foreclosures and consumer debt? Here are charts from a November 2010 Federal Reserve Report
  • Learn a little about legal descriptions and how land is laid out within the state
  • Learn more about the science of lakes and ponds from this web page
  • Reader's Request - Most requested information and Attorney General Alerts
  • Report on how foreclosures affect property values
  • Student Reference Materials
  • Thinking of buying property? Estimate its after purchase tax using a State Calculator
  • Using calendars and time - Time: How did time develop? For some surprising background check out this booklet
  • Transferring Ownership. Exemption from school tax. State Tax Commission Guidelines
  • Wage, Employment and Job Information
  • Charts and Tax Burden Maps
  • Energy Prices -Current Outlook and Comparison by state
  • Facing Foreclosure? - Link to IRS FAQ
  • See Average Weekly Wages and related data for each county
  • Tax Burden Rankings by State...Read down the page to see map and rankings

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