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Consultants in matters of the Michigan property tax and special assessment administration

Taxpayer, are you confused or angry about property taxes? Do you want stress relief or need quick advice? $30 Telephone Consultations Available 9am - 11am - click here for info
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NOTE: Due to medical issues with family members, Michigan Property Consultants can only take on projects of limited scope. Call for details if you have a potential assignment. We are still very interested in the field of special assessment administration.


To provide our government, corporate and private clients with effective property tax strategies that will minimize their costs and maximize the benefits they seek.

     We intend to provide the advantages of professional, personal service based on more than 40 years of experience. We intend to provide educational programs, publish works of benefit to practitioners, create reports addressing the specific concerns of our clients and provide dispute resolution and solutions for property tax and special assessment problems. We don't sell real estate, we don't appraise real estate, we are not lawyers and we don't do income taxes. We can fix problems; often at a lower cost than others. That ability exists because company personnel have served on a property tax Board of Review, defended government assessments; worked as independent real estate appraisers and in tax assessment offices. Michigan Property Consultants wishes to remain a small company focused exclusively on matters of real property taxation, special assessment administration and economic development within the state of Michigan

     Michigan Property Consultants is a small firm, proud of its mid-western work ethic and service. Our CEO has been selected for many years to teach assessment classes and to serve on various advisory committees. His written work has been published in many forums and has been honored by his peers.

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